We believe that all behavior and strong emotions have a backstory, even if it’s takes time to discover. Your story is uniquely your own and requires a tailored approach to helping you get unstuck. That’s why we passionately reject the one-size-fits-all approach to therapy. We’re here to help you take a step back, view the bigger picture, and fit together the puzzle pieces that make you who you are.

Our therapists take the time to deeply understand what you need, including the kind of approach that will best serve you. Together, we’ll empower you to grow by:

Exquisitely-Tailored Therapy is Our GOLD Standard

Collaborating closely with you to connect and befriend every exquisite part of yourself
Empowering you to become curious about who you are and what has shaped you
Supporting you in finding clarity about what you need and how to get there

You have incredible strength, power, and resilience within you to live the life you want. You just need passionate, nonjudgmental, and understanding guidance to harness it.

 Understanding that each individual is unique, our therapists are trained in various modalities to meet your specific needs. We strive to know you deeply - your personality, history, challenges, and goals. This understanding allows us to tailor therapy that facilitates your growth and healing. You're not just another client; you're a human being deserving of the right support.

At Gold Therapy, we reject the one-size-fits-all approach to therapy.

NYC Therapy for Unique You

Experienced Therapeutic Guidance for
the Busy NYC Woman

Our team of therapists is trained in various evidence-based empowering therapy modalities to help foster growth and change, including:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to change negative thought and behavior patterns and improve emotional regulation and coping strategies.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) to help you balance acceptance and change.

Psychodynamic Therapy to help you explore unconscious patterns and past experiences and resolve current issues.

Attachment-based therapy to address and repair any negative early life attachments that impact your current relationships and behaviors.

Solution-focused therapy to find solutions in the present, build on your strengths, and curate your desired future.

As an on-the-go, high-achieving, and powerful female force in NYC, life can get overwhelming and burdensome. Like many NYC women, you may struggle with:

life transitions
high personal expectations
relationship issues

We understand that, as a NYC woman, time is of the essence. You may think you don’t have the time to slow down, look inward, and self-reflect with genuine curiosity. However, this is essential to your healing and growth, and you are worth the investment.

At Gold Therapy NYC, we provide a safe, warm, and welcoming space where you can do the work. And because we are exclusively online therapists, you can attend sessions without worrying about another exhausting commute.

low self-esteem
work/life balance
feelings of inadequacy
fear of never finding a partner

Our Specialties

A Compassionate Approach Blended with a Growth Mindset

Comfort and support are paramount to your growth and healing. As understanding, empathetic, and trusted guides, each of our therapists for women takes a caring approach while providing real and genuine guidance.

Your empowering self-discovery journey at Gold Therapy NYC begins with establishing a therapeutic relationship. Opening yourself up to discovering your true potential in therapy allows you to make powerful and remarkable changes.

  • Discovering strengths and innate abilities you’ve overlooked
  • Recognizing the thinking patterns keeping you stuck
  • Determining self-directed solutions through thoughtful, connected dialogue with your therapist
  • Receiving clear, actionable, and empowering advice while allowing you maximum agency
  • Building self-confidence through compassionate and nonjudgmental curiosity and discovery

You are a high-achieving NYC woman living in a fast-paced, competitive world. It’s understandable why you may not always have your feet under you. We’ll help center and ground you so you can truly thrive as the powerful, confident woman you are.

Bolster your confidence and inner strength by:

It’s time to embrace this exciting and empowering opportunity. 

Whether you seek an anxiety therapist in NYC, therapy for life transitions, or just want to improve your overall well-being by tapping into your strengths and potential, Gold Therapy NYC is prepared to help.

We’ve made getting started with us a smooth, seamless, pain-free experience.

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