Marin Lebowitz, LMSW

Marin Lebowitz, LMSW, is an insightful psychotherapist who offers a unique blend of therapy styles to help her clients navigate life’s challenges. She draws on the wisdom of understanding one’s past experiences, the power of meaningful relationships, and a focus on practical steps for changing unhelpful patterns in order to create a personalized approach to therapy.

Marin listens with a sharp and curious mind, and she works thoughtfully to support her clients every step of the way as they embark toward healing, growth, and self-discovery. Marin has found her passion helping individuals overcome depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, and complex family dynamics.

advanced training in:

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy


  • Shame-Informed Treatment


  • Columbia University

 "I've had crippling anxiety for years and no prior therapy seemed to help. Her empathy and guidance finally helped me overcome anxiety and feel more at ease in my daily life."

"Working with Marin has been transformative."

"I couldn't have gotten through that time without her. She helped me regain my confidence and approach life in a whole new way."

“Marin's support was invaluable in navigating stress and major life transitions."

"She balances emotional support with practical advice in a way that allowed me to work through past trauma and come out on the other side feeling stronger and liberated."

"There's something about Marin's calming presence and guidance that reassures me I can overcome any challenges."