Alexa Holzberger, LCSW

Alexa Holzberger, LCSW, works with individuals and couples of all ages. She is passionate about helping those living with depression, anxiety, trauma, low self-esteem, eating disorders, and relationship or family issues. Alexa has a deep understanding of how our past experiences, especially those early in life, impact our mind, body, and overall wellness.

Alexa considers the connection between a client and clinician to be the most crucial part of successful work in therapy. Using a trauma-informed, strengths-focused approach, she grows sensitive, supportive relationships with each of her clients. She strikes a balance between empowering and challenging her clients in order to help them reach their full potential.

advanced training in:

  • Treatment of Eating Disorders
  • Emotionally-Focused Therapy


  • Shame-Informed Treatment


  • University of Pennsylvania

For the first time in my life, I was able to understand the reasons why I kept finding myself in certain situations, and take responsibility for things in my control that were contributing to my problems. Everything feels more clear and easy now."

"I really enjoyed working with Alexa and felt a huge improvement in myself."

"I have gained a great deal from my sessions with Alexa. She really opened my eyes to the ways my relationship with my brother impacts a lot of other relationships in my life. Alexa is a wonderful listener and I have so appreciated her empathy and much needed analytical skills. I am truly so grateful for all of her help."

"She has helped me tremendously in thinking about how the past patterns in my life are informing the ones in my present."

"I've very much enjoyed our talks. In many ways, I see life through an entirely new lens. I’ve also read several of her book recommendations, which have taught me a lot as well."

"I have been through a lot of personal growth and transformation that I can directly link to my sessions with Alexa."

"I am such a better version of myself, and I’m just so grateful that I was able to connect with someone who got me like she did. She is like a really close friend that makes you feel comfortable and unconditionally accepted, but also isn’t afraid to be firm and challenge you to reach your full potential."

"Alexa has been such an important part of my journey. I can’t begin to explain how far I’ve come because of our work together."