Attachment Issues Therapy in New York City

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Heal attachment issues and cultivate meaningful relationships with our expert therapy in NYC

Do you find it challenging to connect with others or fear getting too close? If you're struggling to form healthy attachments, you're not alone. Many of us carry the weight of past attachment issues, affecting our relationships and overall well-being.

Old patterns can keep us stuck. While our past doesn’t have to define us, it can affect our present day lives in ways that we might be unaware of. 

Better relationships are possible.

Relationships are one example. According to attachment theory (a psychological theory based on research), the type of bond that we form with our caregivers creates a blueprint for how we form future relationships. When we form a secure attachment to our caregivers, it is easier to maintain our social, emotional, and mental health, as well as form healthy relationships with other people. 

If we are unable to form a secure bond with our caregivers, we may experience problems connecting with others. Our emotions may take over, or we may have a hard time giving or receiving love. Conflict may become too much for us to bear. We may close off from people or come to rely on them more than is healthy.

Ready to heal and form meaningful connections?

Attachment issues can manifest as fear of abandonment, difficulty trusting others, or avoiding emotional intimacy. If you relate to these signs, it might be time to seek help.

Recognizing Attachment Struggles

At Gold Therapy, we can help you heal those attachment wounds. This starts with forming a secure bond with one of our compassionate, experienced therapists. From here, you and your therapist will use the therapeutic relationship to unlearn those old patterns that hold you back. Together, we can support you in forging more stable, meaningful relationships. 

You're Not Alone